One visit to a local coffee shop or cafe is all it takes to realize that clunky, stationary POS software is going the way of the dinosaur. Vend is in tune with the current market and provides low-cost POS services that work anywhere, with any hardware. This POS service functions via a web browser, which means it works with tablets, Macs, PCs and Android devices – from anywhere with a web connection. Using Vend, you can easily manage sales, inventory, customers and reports with one simple-to-use interface, which is directly compatible with popular services such as PayPal, Shopify and Xero.

Traditionally, POS solutions have been offered as packages that included hardware, software, a service plan and often payment processing. Vend is browser-based and the online interface is compatible with most popular hardware, so you can use equipment you already own. If you are just starting out, this service will even work on an older PC or a laptop. Vend offers a compatible iPad version for a sleek, modern POS interface that your customers and employees will enjoy using. Since it is hosted online, Vend can easily support businesses with multiple locations, and those that provide direct sales at their customers' locations. If you are offline for a bit, Vend will sync up recent information automatically the next time it connects to the server.

The hardware system requirements for running Vend are light; however, we do recommend that you verify that your hardware is compatible before you sign up for this service. In general, Vend is compatible with Star and Epson receipt printers and Zebra label printers. Vend is compatible with Windows 7, Android and iPad tablets. However, thermal receipt printing is not yet possible if you use the Android operating system.

The iPad version provides light wireless and mobile POS. This app is available in the iPad App Store and tracks inventory, runs reports and processes sales online or offline. It is compatible with Star TSP LAN printers, Epson LAN Printers, Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners and Infinea Tab barcode scanners. The iPad and iPad mini versions are also compatible with Xero and Shopify add-ons. For the most part, the iPad version does everything from stock-level tracking to sales reporting and customer management.

From what we have observed, the Vend customer base appears to be mostly small businesses, either retail, service, café or coffee shops. However, the POS system can manage up to 50 registers, 50,000 SKUs, 50,000 customers and 100 users. It can manage complex inventory scenarios such as assemblies and products with multiple sizes and colors. It can also manage reorder points, multiple locations, purchase orders and bar codes. Bar codes can be entered hands-free using a barcode scanner or by utilizing the iPad camera. This service is directly compatible with Shopify and can manage inventory whether you sell product online and or at a brick-and-mortar store. For payment processing, Vend works with Square, PayPal, and Element Payment Services (U.S.) and Payment Express (NZ/AU).

Vend Summary:

For many business owners, an online POS service such as Vend is the best way to go. It is flexible, portable and requires little upfront investment yet provides state-of-the-art payment processing and timesaving inventory management. Vend is always up-to-date, backs up your data and grows with your business. If you are tired of clunky, expensive POS equipment and inflexible, long-term contracts, Vend is ideal for your business.


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Using Vend, your start-up costs are minimal, you can use your own hardware and you can sell product from anywhere. This POS service is simple to use and is compatible with Square, PayPal, Shopify and Xero.

At this time, not all of Vend's functions are compatible with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.

The Verdict
: 7.25/10

Vend is truly a worry-free POS solution. Using this online POS service, you do not have to worry about expensive hardware, your location, high upfront costs, a steep learning curve or losing your data.