The Vend point-of-sale system is an ideal mobile solution for retail businesses and quick service restaurants. This iPad POS solution is simple to set up and use for most small businesses. Vend’s cloud-based system has an intuitive feel and look, and can have your business up and running in no time. However, one caveat with Vend is that some features are only reserved for premium customers and certain add-ons come with a separate fee.

Retail stores and small grocers will enjoy the easy and natural inventory management process. Vend makes it easy to input and change inventory items in its system. This iPad POS system has most of the basic features you would expect from a point-of-sale solution. The system supports basic cash sales and transactions. If you already have a PayPal account, payment processing will be a seamless transition for you. PayPal Here is one of the feature credit card processing systems featured on Vend. PayPal Here is a free credit card acceptance program and doesn’t require a monthly fee to use. However, Vend does not work exclusively with PayPal so you are free to use a different third-party merchant processor if you choose.

You can run end-of-day reports with Vend to track your inventory. Vend also has an offline mode so you can keep lines moving if there is an internet failure. This means the app will continue working even without an internet connection, though some payment methods, including credit cards, will not work. Vend can also work on a cell network as backup or for mobile purposes. One disappointing aspect of the Vend POS software is that features such as time clock management and reservation management are not included. These features can be accessed through add-ons, but most other systems we reviewed have these features standard.

Another area in which Vend falls short is telephone support. It is only available if you purchase the premium service; it is not included in Vend’s standard service. The company only offers telephone support between 8 a.m. and 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. West coast establishments that are open later will not be able to reach customer support. Curiously, Vend does not provide telephone support on Saturdays, which is arguably one of the biggest shopping days for consumers. That said, we enjoyed the support that we received when testing out the Vend product and found it to be particularly helpful and informative.

Vend Summary:

With one of the simplest setups of any iPad POS, this system works very well for small retailers and quick service restaurants. Unfortunately, with some features and customer support locked away under premium membership, it might cost you a little more to fully take advantage of Vend.

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Vend is an easy-to-use iPad POS solution.

Some features that come standard with many other iPad POS systems are add-ons or cost extra with Vend.

The Verdict
: 8.07/10

Vend is a simple to use system that could work for smaller retail and quick service restaurants.