Dell offers three POS solutions. You can choose from versions for QuickBooks, Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express. These are top-of-the-line POS software applications, and the computers Dell offers with the software are better than most POS systems. Through Dell, you can obtain a POS system with up to 4GB of RAM that is quite capable of running other business software. However, if you need a point of sale system but can't afford to pay too much in out-of-pocket start-up expenses, Dell may be a bit out of your reach. The version with the lowest price starts out at about $3,500. Dell does offer financing for those who would like to set up a payment plan.

Through Dell, you can customize the computer and any of the peripherals that come with your POS system package to meet the needs of your business. The company offers multiple options for most equipment. The Dell/QuickBooks retail solution comes standard with a 15-inch flat panel monitor, a compact cash drawer, a barcode scanner, a POS keyboard and a thermal receipt printer. You can add upgrades such as increased RAM and speakers. Dell offers a wide variety of peripherals; however, the company does not provide POS products like kitchen printers, kitchen displays, scales, wireless inventory handhelds or PIN pads. Dell also does not provide tablet or mobile versions of its POS software.

Unlike some of the other complete POS systems, the Dell systems are fully functional computers. This means you can access the internet, use office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and any other software you might consider, including accounting and inventory software. This makes it a practical choice for those who need their system to perform more than one function.

Dell hardware comes with a three-year parts-and-labor warranty. If you need technical or customer support, you can contact Dell via phone, email or chat. They have training videos and manuals that you can access to help you get to know how to use their POS system. The POS system information says it comes with Dell's Gold Technical support; however, this support service appears to be discontinued. We cannot find a description of this service on Dell's website, and the link to the Gold support is a dead link. If you need help with the POS software, the software providers offer that support.

Dell Point of Sale Summary:

In terms of quality, Dell provides excellent system components and software. However, they do not offer the small form factor that many business owners desire for retail and restaurants. In addition, the start-up cost may put this option out of reach for some. Dell's systems are most suitable for those who have the start-up capital to afford these POS systems. It is also an efficient choice if you are looking for a system to perform multiple functions, such as running the POS software and the other applications you use to manage your company.

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Dell's POS packages are customizable, and they offer hardware and software options that can handle multiple point-of-sale locations.

Dell provides quality hardware and POS software; however, their startup system costs are higher than most, and they do not offer all-in-one touchscreen systems.

The Verdict
: 5.7/10

If you have the startup capital, a Dell POS system is one of the best. The systems come with technical support and built-in credit card processing capabilities.